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Asset Protection

Our knowledge, insight, and experience working with high risk individuals and professions provides us with the experience to help you and your family. We have first hand experience working with high profile individuals, specialty physicians, and entrepreneurs which helps provide us with the experience needed to help you navigate these unpleasant waters.  Through ongoing collaboration and monitoring, our team is able to discover new avenues for you to not only invest your wealth, but help protect it along the way. Protecting your good name and your assets.

Our team helps:

Identify any Exposed Assets
Through an initial understanding of your balance sheet, we begin to understand your overall financial health and location of assets.

Determine Your Level of Protection Needs
Through a series of questions, we’ll pinpoint the exact amount of risk you are willing to accept  and begin to outline the differences in asset protection strategies.

Review the available tools and techniques
After outlining your protection goals,  we’ll design a strategy that aligns with your tolerance for risk and discuss the different forms of strategies available and the timelines to implement.

Provide ongoing oversight and collaboration with your professional team
Once the strategy is implemented we'll continue to track and monitor your assets for any potential drift. We want to confirm that all assets are best positioned as you continue to accumulate wealth.